ASA Network of Applied Anthropologists

The ASA Network of Applied Anthropologists (Apply) aims to:

  • provide an arena for communication between practitioners, academics and students of anthropology
  • provide a forum for debate about the nature of anthropology and anthropologists
  • support practising anthropologists in contributing to the discipline's theoretical and methodological development
  • recognise the place of applied anthropologists within the profession of anthropology
  • explore anthropological approaches to current issues of policy and practice

'Applied or engaged anthropologists' are taken to be people who make direct use of an anthropological training in policy- or practice-oriented work. To build links between practitioners, academics and students, Apply organises activities, these have included:

  • discussion meetings about specific topics in applied/engaged anthropology
  • training for post-graduates by practitioners on careers in applied/engaged anthropology
  • seminars and workshops on methodological and theoretical developments
  • a web-based directory of applied anthropologists

Mailing list

The address appanthlistnew(AT) is a mailing list used to disseminate information about events and to facilitate discussion.  In 2012 Apply merged with the Anthropology in Action Network and mailing list as we share similar aims.

Only those on the list are able to post to it. To view the archives, add/remove yourself from the mailing list, go to

If you are interested in being actively involved in the Network and would like to contribute to activity planning and organisation, please contact the convenors by emailing the list.

Click here to add your details to our public directory of applied anthropologists.


Dr Julie Scott

Founder members

(The Network was launched with an initial meeting at the 2004 ASA conference in Durham.)

Dr Andrew Garner, Oxford Brookes University
Dr Rachael Gooberman-Hill, MRC Health Services Research Collaboration, Bristol
Dr Alex Greene, University of St Andrews
Dr Mils Hills, Cabinet Office
Dr Linda Krywald, Audit Commission
Dr Sarah Pink, University of Loughborough
Dr John Postill, University of Bremen
Dr Simon Roberts, Ideas Bazaar
Dr Kathryn Tomlinson, National Foundation for Educational Research
Dr Robin Wilson, University of Durham