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Invitation for proposals


The ASA committee supports the development of a series of ASA networks, intended to facilitate links between anthropologists with common interests and to promote the activities of these groups. Networks, study-groups and societies have proved a popular and successful part of several of the ASA's contemporary professional Anthropological and sociological Associations in Britain and overseas. The success of networks and study groups in the EASA (European Association of Social Anthropologists) and the BSA (British Sociological Association) has indicated that a Network that is part of an established professional association can bring several advantages:

  • Drawing together anthropologists who have common interests and concerns who work both within and outside academic departments
  • Providing an established group or forum that postgraduate students can identify their interest with
  • Established networks validated by a professional association may stand a stronger chance of attracting external funding for seminars, conferences, joint research projects and other activities


Each network will be run by one or more joint convenors who must be full members of the ASA and are responsible for:

  • Representing the network to the ASA committee
  • Financial management of the network
  • Providing brief reports to the ASA ABM
  • Management of the network's mailing lists
  • Providing a short description of the network for the ASA annals and website
  • Ensuring that the network meets at least once annually

How to set up a network

Proposals for an ASA network should be sent to the ASA committee for approval at a committee meeting. These should include:

  • Title of the network
  • Aims and Objectives
  • List of proposed members
  • Proposed activities (such as meetings and conferences, project proposals, joint publications etc)

A network should initially have at least 7 members.

Membership status of Network members

Network members need not be full members of the ASA. However they will not be granted the usual benefits of membership of the ASA (as outlined in the Annals) unless they join the ASA according to the normal procedure (outlined in the Annals).


The network is responsible for its own finances as separate from the ASA and will manage any funds awarded from external bodies through the organisers' institutions.

Support from the ASA

The ASA will provide support for the following:

  • Help will be given to construct network mailing lists based on information that the ASA has on its membership database (complying with the data protection act)
  • Space on the ASA website to publicise network news, activities and other work
  • Networks will be entitled to submit works for publication through the ASA's publishing links
  • Funds may be awarded to Networks for the development of activities or projects on application to the committee. However this will depend on availability of funds for this purpose on a year-to-year basis. See below.

Financial support for network activities

The ASA is committed to supporting the activities of our professional networks. To this end, we have set aside £400 per financial year specifically for applicants from the networks and for the support of network activities.
To apply for support of a network activity, please send the following to the ASA Networks Officer (networker(AT)

  • Short description of purpose of funds and the network it applies to (max 300 words)
  • Breakdown of costs
  • Any information with regard to other financial support applied for or received

Please direct any enquiries to the ASA's Networks Officer (networker(AT)