ASA14 Decennial: Anthropology and Enlightenment

Information for convenors and authors

If you have any queries about how your panel will be organised internally, please contact your panel convenors, not the conference organisers, but first read the section on timing of presentations below.

Certificates of attendance

If you need a certificate of attendance, showing that you presented a paper and/or convened a panel, you can download a signed pdf by logging in to Cocoa via the login on the top menu bar of this page. Simply go through to your delegate details, and click on the "C" at the end of the row.


Convenors and paper presenters need not be members of the association.  However, the ASA welcomes new members (see membership page).  Members of the association and of WCAA sister-associations can register at a discounted fee.

Pre-circulation of papers

The ASA has no rule about this; many convenors are keen, however, to pre-circulate completed papers. To facilitate this and save on loads of email traffic, an author can upload a PDF of their paper within the login environment, which will then show as a downloadable file beneath their abstract on the public page on this site. It is a convenor's decision whether they instruct their presenters to make use of this.

Timing of presentations

Panels will last for no more than a single day, having a maximum of three 90-minute panel sessions, each of which may hold up to four papers. So at most a panel will have 12 papers. The panel timetable will be established just before registration opens on 20th Feburary. Convenors are free to allocate the time in their sessions as they like. The ASA norm is to allocate each presenter a maximum of 20 minutes (for presentation and questions/discussion), but convenors should let you know about this nearer the time of the conference.

The order of presentation should be as the papers are listed on the panel page and in the printed programme. We are unable to represent specific intra-panel timings in our programme. Delegates reading the conference book will have to work on the assumption that papers will be evenly distributed through the panel. Clearly convenors may wish to amalgamate discussion time, but where possible please try to stick to this even distribution.

Communication between authors/convenors

Convenor/author email addresses are not shown on the panel pages for anti-spam reasons. However, there is an inbuilt secure email messaging system. If you cannot work that, please email conference(at) to obtain relevant email addresses.

Any queries with the above please email conference(at)